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Poorly build double wide the sealing leaks you can see water damage, the family room floor is buckled, the walls are paper then, the finishing around the floor base is coming apart, the shower is so small you cant turn around, you can see in between the ceiling and wall and also my room is next to the den i can see into the den a little through the corner of my wall, this doublewide replaced our home which had burned down our family is so... Read more

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Run don't walk away from these thieves. They dragged my husband and I through the mud for so long our original loan approval expired and then they wanted us to start all over again. Jeff Barnette will tell you anything you want to hear, along with Vanderbilt Mortgage. They stole $500 to pay for the appraisal (which took six weeks); I was told by Jeff that they had trouble with the comps and that all of a sudden "he" (the only appraiser... Read more

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In 1999 we purchase a 16x80 to place on our five acres. The home we were sold was supposed to have plywood floors set on 16" centers, they are particle board on 24" centers. They are now warping and weak and I have had to replace several hundred sq. feet that has gone bad and I have several hundred more that are in need. The walls are supposed to be 2"x 4" on 16"centers . They are 2" X3" on 24" centers and glued in place. The glue is literally... Read more

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I have lived in Oakwood mobile home community for almost 12 years. I have 4 children that grew up in this house. Now we are homeless because we got evicted. I totally understand that Oakwood needs its money, on time. I own the home and rent the land. It's sad to think that everybody's out for a buck and doesn't care about a family who has lived here for so long. Please start caring about people. The man that used to own this park did. It's a... Read more

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Oakwood Mobile Homes - 1999 oakwood 28'x64'
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all the trim inside is falling off, the siding on the outside is not vinyl or metal, its some kind of composite board & it is falling off in chunks. anyone know if there's anything I can do about it? I heard they had a lawsuit on the siding. but, I can't tell what type it is. Any help, please email me @ all the trim inside is falling off, the siding on the outside is not vinyl or metal, its some kind of composite board & it is... Read more

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These are the fancy corbel decorations on the outside of our home that the woodpeckers love here in Thompson River Ranch in Johnstown. We're told you would remove these,nothing yet! ! Other homeowners have had there's removed!

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Does anybody like their new home? 0 to few problems?

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Warranty not being taken care of. Waited almost two years and still not complete

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We went to the store and initially found it pleasant until we sat down with Charlotte Brown. She was very invasive and it felt like and interrogation or a car dealership sales person. She ask questions over and over again even after we informed her it is not her business and went so far as to make a lame excuse to say her credit is low and she wants to know what broker we dealt with. This coming from a woman who says she worked for insurance... Read more

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Oakwood homes in Charlotte NC is not store previously talked about titled confrontational it's oakwood in greenville s.c. Charlotte was a type era.

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